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In the '66 season, Jud was once again leading the sprint division until the night of June 11 at Reading Speedway in Reading, Pennsylvania. During that race Jud Larson and Red Riegel were running side by side going into the first turn. There was contact between the two cars and both started flipping. Jud Larson's sprinter ended up upside down on the guard rail with Red Reigel's, which was also upside down a little further down the track. The crash killed both drivers.

Class of 2004

Inducted March 6th 2004

Jon Backlund

Terry Bivins

Vito Calia (1911-1987)

Virgil Chapman

Bill Crane (1941-2002)

Clyde Ellis (1932-2013)

Junior Hower (1922-2016)

Bud Hunnicutt

Larry Kaster (1935-2004)

Charlie Kraft (1925-2006)

Jud Larson (1923-1966)

Virginia Nelson (1915-1991)

Bill Roberts Sr. (1925-2000)

Dick Sutcliffe

Taylor "Pappy" Weld (1898-1983)