CARB Hall of Fame & Museum, Inc


Name: John E. Helm
Subject: C A R B Hall of fame website.
Message: What a great job. I have been looking forward to this and feel privilaged that I have known so many of these famous people.


Name: Carla Layne
Subject: Chris Carpenter & Hall of Fame website
Message: Chris, Where have you been and how many others do you know that are hiding in the wings that have this same passion for preserving the history of Auto racing here in Kansas City? What a great job you have done with this website!! Words can not say enough but the site says it all. Great JOB!!!!! Carla Layne 


Name: JD Cormack
Subject: Preserving Racing history/Web Site
Message: AMEN Bud & Keet! A Great HoF Board/Officers, working together, communicating in order to achieve the real purpose of a Hall of Fame & Racing history. The 'quiet youth' of a Chris Carpenter, thirst for knowledge, desire, research and family brings us back to when we first started in racing. He has shown us that this is not a self serving project, it's all for the love of racing in it's purest form. I thank you all. 


Name: Karen "Bosslady" Darling
Subject: CARB Hall of Fame website and Chris Carpenter
Message: Chris you are an awesome asset to our organization. What you have done with this website is outstanding. We are very proud to have you on our team. Great work. WOW!

Name: Darrin "Bear" Christy

Subject: History of Kansas City auto racing
Message: Great website-love the CARB Hall of Fame and Museum


Name: Bud and Keet Hunnicutt
Message:WOW ! Chris has become inspired by the fire in the belly of the current group of people that are moving the Hall Of Fame toward the goals that have been set before them.And what a professional job he has done ! To see the teamwork between he and his son reminds us all that racing is truly a family sport.

Name: Skip Richardson
Subject: Website
Message: Great job Chris! You are doing a great service to our legends of racing. Thank you!!